Best of the Bottoms

To me pants are the most important thing to have in anyones wardrobe. Whenever I go shopping I always find myself looking at pants because you honestly can never have too many pairs. Pants can add so much quirkiness to an outfit. It's so easy to create an outfit you feel comfortable in when you have a pair of pants that make you feel good. During winter it's fun to experiment with color and style of pants because more then likely you will be wearing pants most of the winter and having unique pants can help add some individuality to your outfit. I love the colors of clothes in the winter because a few of my favorite colors are dark greens and mustard yellows which works out perfect in the colder months. If you don't normally like wearing color try adding some color into your wardrobe during winter because they are more muted and earth toned which isn't as scary as some summer colors can be. 
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